But first- coffee

A day without coffee is like...
— Just kidding I have no idea.

Below I have listed my top 3 favorite coffee places to edit photos/work out of! Having good seating, great customer service, plenty of outlets, and a great overall environment is why I chose these cafes. I don't know what I would do without them! P.S. I didn't include Starbucks but I'd be lying if I said I didn't go there almost everyday ;) Haha! Enjoy! 

1. Zoka Coffee

This is one of my favorite go to spots! Zoka has incredible coffee and a great space to work in. The cafe is big and has a lot of different seating options. I love that they have locations in Seattle and Kirkland and that they have consist customer service/amazing coffee! 


2. Five Stones

THIS PLACE. If you've never been to 5 stones coffee, you need to go ASAP. Aside from delicious coffee, the staff are AMAZING. They work to remember your name and order. They have incredible coffee and teas and a food menu including avocado toast! You need to pay them a visit in Redmond if you've never been. 


3. Herkimer Coffee

With 3 locations in Seattle, this is my favorite coffee shop to work at when I'm downtown! They have great music playing and a calming atmosphere. The coffee is amazing and there is great street parking available at their locations. I highly recommend Herkimer and have never had a bad cup of coffee from there!