Wise words from my dad on Father's Day

My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person: He believed in me.
— Jim Valvano

Happy Father’s Day to my personal chef, business advisor, protector, comedian, and role model. My dad is one of a kind. He does generous acts when no ones watching, treats everyone with kindness, and is a hard worker for everything he has. I can’t think of another man who even compares!

I asked my dad for some life and business advice to share with you all below:


Advice for life:

  1. Be kind

  2. Do something nice for someone everyday

  3. Live one day at a time and enjoy it

Advice for business: 

  1. Build relationships!

  2. Sometimes more than not it's who you know not what you know! 

  3. Giveback

  4. Never forget where you came from


So again, Happy Father's day to my dad and all the other amazing dads in the world!